The Writer



My name is Travis Lickey and I’m a sinner just like everyone else. I make no excuse for that. I accepted Christ at the age of thirteen, and since then I’ve struggled with the same things that everyone does. I’m a very flawed and broken person, but I have accepted the most precious gift that humanity has ever been offered – salvation through Jesus Christ. Being a Christian doesn’t mean I stop sinning. It means that I’m forgiven of those sins, and that’s a wonderful place to be in the world.

‘Unwonted Christian’ is a place where I want to share my relationship with Jesus. As I spend time with God in the Word and in prayer, I’m often moved to want to tell people what I’m discovering and learning. God’s love is boundless and His wisdom is eternal and it’s overwhelming sometimes when He reveals Himself to you that you can’t keep it inside of you.

Unwonted means out of the ordinary or unusual. I’m an unusual guy by design, so it only seemed fitting that’s what I decided to call it (among many other reasons). I was called into the ministry in my late teens and I resisted that notion for many years. It’s my prayer that God use me as He chooses. He calls us to take action rather than being idle. I’ve started the engine. Let’s see where He takes me.



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